Wielton unveils Curtain Master series

Polish OEM, Wielton, has unveiled five new models of its Curtain Master range in response to different customer expectations.

Wielton engineers reportedly put a special emphasis on strength, tightness and functionality of use with the Curtain Master designs.

“The modern frame and body design ensure high strength of the semi-trailer confirmed by numerous tests carried out at Wielton Research and Development Center,” Wielton said in a statement. “At the same time, the low tare weight of the semi-trailer was kept, which significantly reduced the cost of its operation on long routes.”

Wielton said the Curtain Master production process leverages a modern hybrid welding technology that allows for solid and precise joins which minimises the risk of deformation, extending the life cycle of the trailer.

The chassis is also treated with anti-corrosion protection.

“Our clients expect durable and modern products, convenient to use and safe,” said Wielton President, Mariusz Golec. “With them in mind, we present five models for various transport tasks. They share an innovative and proven design, high quality workmanship and ergonomic solutions that optimise loading and unloading, reducing its time. Thus, using them is effective, which translates into specific savings in business.”

The Curtain Master features a modern roof construction, front wall and rear panel. The trailer design is optimised for efficient loading and unloading with handles for winding custom lines on the front wall. The Curtain Master is also fitted with a number of functional options including reversing radar, steering axle, suspended belt system as well as smartphone operating capabilities.

The five Curtain Master models include: Curtain Master (for transporting loads on pallets); Curtain Master Mega (with increased capacity); Side Curtain Master (curtainsider), Coil Master (equipped semi-trailer); and Drop Side Master for the construction industry.

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