Meritor unveils next-generation air disc brake

US company, Meritor, launched its lightweight, single piston EX+ LS air disc brake – a next-generation braking solution for linehaul and trailer applications – at the North American Commercial Vehicle Show.

“After years of development, more than 300 lab tests and over one million miles of validation on the road, our EX+ LS air disc brake is designed to offer the reliability and performance that customers expect from Meritor,” said T.J. Reed, vice president of Front Drivetrain and Electrification. “This new brake rounds out an industry-leading portfolio of advanced braking solutions specifically designed to serve the linehaul segment.”

Meritor designed the EX+ LS air disc brake to meet growing fleet expectations for efficiency, safety and weight reduction. Built with exceptional taper wear control, the new air disc brake is designed and validated to the same taper wear criteria as a twin-piston brake. Its large-diameter, integrated piston and pusher plate reduce taper wear by increasing stability to deliver evenly distributed braking forces across the brake surface. The adjuster mechanism is based on proven EX+ air disc brake architecture to offer reliable and consistent brake performance.

The EX+ LS air disc brake comes standard with MA9300 N-level proprietary friction. Optional positive pad retraction is designed with the goal of maintaining friction couple running clearance to extend pad life and reduce brake drag. An optional pad wear warning indicator aids in service predictability.

Fleets with EX+ LS air disc brakes on their trucks and trailers benefit from commonality of parts within Meritor’s existing EX+ L air disc brake design. They can stock fewer parts and replacement is simplified by ordering through Meritor Aftermarket.

The EX+ LS air disc brake is available globally under the ELSA air disc brake product line outside North America. DriveForce, Meritor's North American sales and service organisation, and OnTrac, Meritor's dealer technical support centre, are available to assist customers with solutions before, during and after the sale.

In other news, Meritor has appointed Dan Crabtree as Vice President of Global Supply Chain.

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