Thermo King launches lean, green refrigeration machine

Transport refrigeration specialist, Thermo King, has unveiled its latest Trailer Refrigeration Unit (TRU) – the SLXi Local – for the North American urban food distribution market.

The SLXi Local, according to Thermo King, features reduced overall unit weight, quieter operation, slim-line design, next-generation refrigerant which is aimed at offering a custom urban solution to meet customer, environmental, legislative and food safety requirements.

Thermo King claim the SLXi Local is the lightest TRU available in North America – up to 200 pounds (approx. 90kg) lighter.

The slim-line design is reported to provide an additional six inches of coupling space between the prime mover and the trailer, making it easier for vehicle operators to turn in tight delivery spaces and busy city streets.

Thermo King estimates a one per cent fuel saving on the prime mover by reducing the ‘tractor trailer’ gap to 36 inches with SLXi.

The SLXi Local uses next-generation R452A refrigerant that is reported to minimise global warming impact by 45 per cent over competitive units.

“R452A is a lower emission refrigerant that is the safest, most environmentally responsible – and technically and commercially viable – replacement for current TRU refrigerants,” Thermo King said in a statement. “SLXi Local even reduces the amount of refrigerant required by 22 per cent compared to its nearest competitor.”

The patented Whisper kit comes as standard with the SLXi Local, operating at three decibels lower at low speed than similar units for quieter deliveries.

Thermo King confirms the SLXi Local’s standard 120 amp alternator supports lift gates, flood lights and any additional battery loads needed for daily operation. This is reported to be 50 more amps of power than other units in the market without needing to upgrade.

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