Phillips Industries unveils dry van lighting breakthrough

Phillips Industries’ compact, high-output LED interior lighting technology for dry vans is on show at Utility Trailers’ booth at NACV in Atlanta this week.

The Phillips Permalite XB Corner Cargo Lamp is reported to be the first complete interior lighting solution designed specifically for dry vans and will be widely available in the market in November 2019.

The new ultra-compact Permalite XB Corner Cargo Lamp can be easily retrofitted to the inside of a dry van because it does not require a ceiling pan or conduits. Up until now, interior lights were impractical in dry vans because of their thin roofs, so loading and unloading relied on flashlights, mobile phone lights, or ‘porch lights’ mounted on loading docks to see inside of the trailer. With Phillips Permalite XB Corner Cargo Lamps installed, dry vans can be fully illuminated while requiring very low power.

“Corner lights are an exciting trend in the refrigerated trailer industry, which started several years back in Europe,” said Steve Bennett of Utility Trailer. “They are ideal for multi temp applications, especially with multi-temp and centre divide applications. Low profile and high output provide an excellent light source for both refrigerated and dry van trailers. They are also easily retrofitted.”

The Permalite XB Corner Cargo Lamps have high power diodes, 1,200 effective lumens, and can work with body-heat activated motion sensors. The lamps are angled for best light projection over the load and floor, and the corner mounting protects them from potential damage. The circuit boards have a waterproof coating to protect the lamps from moisture. The design allows daisy-chaining the lamps to fully illuminate a trailer while minimising voltage drop.

The North American Commercial Vehicle Show (NACV) is being held 28-31 October at Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, Georgia, US.

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