Delta Park receives PSR1 certification

Delta Park, the busiest road hub in Europe with more than 25,000 heavy trucks passing daily, is now a PSR Level 1 certified site according to TIP Trailer Services.

George Wiessing of the Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) said Delta Park (located 1km from the junction of the A1 and the A21) has become the first park in the PSR program to have achieved level 1.

TIP Vice President for the Mediterranean region, Didier Felice, received the certificate from TAPA Board Member, Rein de Vries, during a ceremony on 26 Septemer

“Faced with the demands of our customers and associations like TAPA, we wanted to provide a solution for securing the flow of goods against theft, attacks on drivers, accidents, etc,” said Felice.

TIP’s Delta Park is reported to feature latest technologies in video surveillance and access control: the secure parking has a perimeter fence with barbed wire, a 24/7 security guard, video surveillance by thermal camera and a special access control of heavy trucks and pedestrians.

”We are thrilled to have PSR1 certification from TAPA, as it was our target from the beginning to provide the best conditions of security to our clients,” said Felice.

In addition to providing a secured parking space for drivers and their goods, TIP has built a complex of facilities for the drivers, available 24/7: free showers, free wi-fi, laundry service and snacks vending machines. A restaurant located at the entrance of the parking completes this offer of services.

Delta Park Truck Secure Parking is part of a TIP’s multi-service truck centres which also has a TIP workshop onsite and pneumatic service providers.

“We will continue to develop our services to make sure that all trucks leaving our site are in the best mechanical condition,” said Felice.

In other news, former SAF-Holland CEO Detlef Borghardt joined TIP Trailer Services’ Supervisory Board.

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