SMET on 1,000 Kögel trailers in five years

Italian transport and logistics service provider, SMET, has been a loyal Kögel customer for five years and is once again acquiring a batch of semi-trailers based on a concluded framework contract for a total of 1,000 vehicles.

Kögel Managing Director, Massimo Dodoni, handed over a Kögel Cargo Rail of the NOVUM generation with FlexiUse body, featuring a specially labelled tarpaulin, to Domenico De Rosa, Managing Director of SMET, as part of a small celebration of their five-year partnership.

“SMET is not only one of the large, well-known forwarding companies in Italy, but also throughout Europe,” said Dodoni. “Over the past five years, Kögel and SMET have found common ground in healthy and steady growth, as well as a unique and friendly partnership.”

“The high quality of the semi-trailers and the excellent expertise of the sales were and are the reasons why we very much value our partnership with Kögel and look forward to future cooperation,” said De Rosa. “With the introduction of the NOVUM generation, Kögel has further improved its already very good semi-trailers, which is especially beneficial for our drivers when it comes to daily use.”

The Cargo Rail semi-trailers come with the optimised external frame profile and improved body – innovations that distinguish the trailers of the NOVUM generation. As well as making the semi-trailers even more robust, these features simplify handling in daily use according to the OEM.

The new trailers also make a significant contribution to protecting the environment and reducing CO2 emissions.

“Thanks to their versatility – they can be used on roads, railways and ships – and let the customer take optimum advantage of ferry and rail transport on main routes, and benefit from the truck's flexibility for both pre-carriage and onward carriage,” Kögel said in a statement.

“The gripper edges integrated into the frame, a gripper jaw tarpaulin protection made of aramide fabric and special axles in a rail design allow loading of the trailers onto rail transport. This design makes them ideal for flexible loading on the most prevalent rail pocket wagons and for a trestle height of 980 millimetres. The trailers are naturally also certified according to EN 12642 Code XL and therefore also designed for transport on express freight trains with a speed of up to 140 km/h.

“The Kögel Cargo Rail trailers can be fitted with roll-on/roll-off (RoRo) equipment for unaccompanied ship and ferry transport. This includes a closed 8-mm-thick slide plate and four pairs of heavy duty lashing rings with 12,000 kilograms of test force. Mechanically reinforced semi-trailer supports in a ferry design with rollers completes the RoRo equipment.

“The optional FlexiUse body of the Kögel Cargo Rail trailers includes eight front settings, each adjustable by 25mm, and four rear settings, each adjustable by 50mm, so the body heights can be independently adjusted by 200mm at the front and rear. For SMET, this allows everyday goods transport with a clear internal height of 2,800–3,000mm at the front and rear.”

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