SAF-Holland expands landing gear range

The robust SAF Hercules is now available in a compact version for low loaders and heavy duty transport vehicles according to equipment specialist, SAF-Holland.

The new SAF swivel leg is reported  guarantees a high ground clearance for central axle trailers while the proven SAF drop leg completes the landing gear range.

Landing gears from SAF-Holland have reportedly proven successful in daily use of commercial vehicles and are used worldwide – in the moderate temperatures of Central Europe as well as in freezing cold or searing desert heat. These landing gears function reliably, are easy to operate when facilitating trailer hitching and unhitching and allow for economically efficient operation due to their high quality.

“Our landing gears have an excellent international reputation,” said SAF-Holland Product Manager OE Europe, Elmar Weber. “We are now expanding our portfolio with new models for different areas of application.”

The new SAF Hercules Compact features a compact design and a large lift. The continuous SAF rear plate allows the landing gear to be attached in different ways. It can easily replace previously used devices if required. Just like its ‘big sister’, the proven SAF Hercules, the compact new product manages loads of up to 24,000kg. SAF-Holland offers a three year warranty for both versions. While the SAF Hercules is designed for standard vehicles such as flatbed and cooling trailers, the compact version is intended for users of low- loaders and volume vehicles.

“Both models have an impact-resistant external gearbox which makes inspections easy,” SAF-Holland said. “A special sealing allows the landing gears to be used in rough conditions and protects against environmental influences and stone impact. QR codes on the landing gears help with ordering spare parts: The QR code reader in the SH Connect app allows users to simply scan the label. They can then use the Parts on Demand (PoD) electronic spare parts catalogue to directly order the required spare part on a table or smartphone.”

The SAF swivel leg, suited for central axle trailers is also new. It has a compact design with a low height.

“Your rear plate is either welded or bolted on,” SAF-Holland said. “With the swivel function, the new leg provides a large ground clearance for rigid drawbar trailers and facilitates coupling of close-coupled central axle trailers. The lift capacity is 4,000kg, with a static load of 8,000kg. A special coating provides the swivel leg with long-term protection against stone impact and environmental influences.”

The proven SAF drop leg completes the landing gear range from SAF-Holland. The drop leg was developed for tippers, tank trailers and silo trailers and is particularly robust with a low weight. It is reported to be suitable for static loads up to 15,000kg per leg or 30,000kg per set.

“The prerequisite is that the tractor unit has a rear axle with air suspension,” SAF-Holland said.

“The height of the foot can be adjusted easily and the drop can be set and adapted variably in small steps – fast and easy handling in any weather.

“The SAF drop leg features the high SAF-Holland quality: Its materials and components, such as high-strength steel and robust pull handles, are highly durable. The large support foot is welded to the base plate on four sides. The 3D mounting plate at the top is lightweight and a surface sealing on the top prevents ingress of dirt and water.”

(Image: SAF Hercules.)

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