Talson highlights award-winning Secure Box

Netherlands-based OEM, Talson, is meeting growing demand for secure transportation with its box range for air cargo, intermodal, distribution and general cargo businesses.

According to the latest intelligence reported by the Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA), in the first six months of 2019, the cargo theft rate increased by five per cent in the economic area of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa compared to 2018.

As it is reported in TAPA EMEA IIS Reports, 4,187 crimes were occurred during the first six months of 2019 and exceeds the crimes that occurred in 2018 by 5.1 per cent. The report also shows a shows total value for incidents with financial data of more than €55 million or an average of €305,605 per day.

As the cargo theft rates increase, Talson highlights its Trailer Innovation 2019 ‘Concept’ Category winner Secure Box to overcome the increasing security problems during operations. Secure Box is developed with research into existing TAPA guidelines as well as best pratices.

Talson Secure Box firstly presents advancements to cover TAPA guidelines for Trucking Security Requirement points, that fall under the direct responsibility of the trailer manufacturers. With its advanced features and supported upper structure, Talson Secure Box meets TAPA’s A class security requirements for wall, roof, and door. Secure Box’s layered upper structure design allocates, robust aluminium panels as well as, extra
reinforcement of aluminium and galvanised steel and aluminium Talfix multi-purpose panels for cargo placement options.

All aluminium panels are sourced at optimum grade to prevent either breakage, perforation, piercing, drilling or penetration of other kinds.

While the reinforced box body ensures impenetrability, according to Talson, the vehicle still provides industry standard tare weights and dimensions hence do not compromise operational gains.

Talson’s Secure Box’s other advancement feature is the special cage-type wiring that can be integrated with any make electronic lock systems, alarm and tracking systems on the market according to the customers’ choice.

The cage-type wiring is placed at several locations for the most timely activation of alarms. While the enhanced upper structure of Secure Box makes it highly improbable for a breach of the box itself, the cage type wiring is the extra safety lining that will activate the alarms hence providing owners, fleet managers and the driver more time to react to circumstances. With enhanced upper structure, cage type wiring that is connected to all makes of locks and alarm systems according to customer choice Talson Secure Box provides the highest security box type trailer.
according to TAPA regulations.

Trailer Innovation 2019 Winner Talson continues to work with all parties whose responsibilities are detailed under TAPA guidelines to advance the security of its entire range of box trailers and will continue to offer the highest- quality, innovative vehicles to its customers and be their reliable business partner.

In other news, Talson debuted its latest aluminium swap body earlier this month at Transport Logistic 2019 in Munich, Germany.

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