Ihro purchases 20 Kögel Euro Trailer Mega Rails

Hans Ihro, based in Neuenstein, Baden-Württemberg, is expanding its fleet with 20 new Euro Trailer Mega Rails from Kögel.

The company will be using the new trailers to supply customers from a wide variety of industries, such as the automotive just-in-time sector. Since an elongated trailer offers four more pallet places than a standard trailer, Ihro can reportedly save three journeys for every 1,000 pallets transported. The internal clearance height of three metres in the Euro Trailer Mega Rail also allows the transportation of up to six more pallet cages. The ecological and economic benefits are crystal clear.

The new elongated trailers are fitted with a reinforced chassis frame. The gripper edges integrated into the frame, gripper jaw tarpaulin protection and special axles in the rail design, ensure that the elongated trailers can be loaded onto rail transport. For unaccompanied boat and ferry transport, the 20 Euro Trailer Mega Rails also feature optional RoRo equipment with a closed 8mm-thick slide plate and four pairs of heavy-duty lashing rings with 12,000 kilograms of test force as well as signage in accordance with DIN EN 29367-2.

All Kögel Euro Trailer Mega Rails are certified as per DIN EN 12642 Code XL. The Mega trailers with a 1.3-metre extension are also equipped as per Daimler Directive 9.5 upon request. This includes pallet stops and a double front wall bulkhead. To improve road safety and prevent turning accidents, the semi-trailers have flashing side marker lights. Further special equipment include a steel lamp holder, Kögel LUXIMA LED multi-chamber rear lights, Kögel LUXIMA LED reversing lights and two toolboxes.

“For months, we and our customers have been eagerly awaiting the approval of the elongated trailers in Baden-Württemberg through the 9th amending regulation,” said Kai Ihro, Managing Director of Hans Ihro. “The 9th amending regulation was planned for the final quarter of 2018, but unfortunately the implementation of political environmental targets, and thus the associated improvement in Germany's international competitiveness, was held up for too long on the desks of the relevant authorities.”

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