Download the Top 25 Global OEM Ranking List for 2019

Firstly, it is a privilege to speak with the world’s most prominent and up and coming OEMs in the trailer manufacturing sector. The commercial road transport industry depends on a diverse variety of trailing equipment from container chassis (skeletal trailers) to dry freight vans, road tankers, reefers and other specialised combinations spec’d for either general or specific applications. As a result, transport and logistics operators defer to these trailer builders innovative engineering solutions to meet demand and to keep the economy moving.

So, it must be said that the while this ranking list uses total production as a key metric, there are a large number of specialist manufacturers in the global mix that work towards very specific goals which may be at odds with simply producing at maximum capacity. This list, therefore, does not compare revenue or business profitability, but instead should serve as a snapshot of the current OEM scene purely from a productivity standpoint …
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