Kässbohrer celebrates 10-year partnership with Autamarocchi

German OEM, Kässbohrer, has bolstered Autamarocchi’s fleet with 100 K.SCC X+ coil transporters.

The Italian intermodal container specialist reportedly operates more than 300 Kässbohrer vehicles.

Kässbohrer recently hosted a delivery ceremony at its Adapazari facility. Attendees included Autamarocchi President, Oscar Zabai, Autamarocchi Vice General Manager, Ervino Harej, Autamarocchi BU Director Container Tansport Europe, Roberto Vidoni, Kässbohrer President, Çetin Nuhoğlu, and Head of Key Account Management, Mehmet Önen.

“As Autamarocchi, we have a strong partnership with Kässbohrer for 10 years built on trust,” said Zabai.

“During that time, we experienced first-hand the robustness of Kässbohrer vehicles. Our focus is intermodal transportation and we are looking for reliability and efficiency for our operations. Kässbohrer K.SCC X+ is suitable for both huckepack and ferry transportation and meet the challenges of complex intermodal loading and unloading operations with its robust, strong chassis,” he said.

Zabai told Kässbohrer he is impressed with the Adapazari production facility and values the OEM’s after-sales network.

Nuhoğlu spoke at the delivery ceremony, stating that it is Kässbohrer’s main priority to meet the versatile needs of its customers.

“We listen and further develop each one of our widest product range to deliver vehicles that will add value to their business,” he said. “We highly value our 10-year strong partnership with Autamarocchi, which is one of Italy’s top transporter companies. I have no doubt that our partnership will continue to grow.”

Önen said it has been a pleasure working with Autamarocchi for 10 years.

The K.SCC X+ coil transporter is reported to be suitable for e-f-g-i wagon types and suitable for tunnels P400. The vehicle is also equipped with 2 x 4 units of ferry rings in compliance with Standard EN 29367-2.

“Our coil transporter offers secure transportation during operations through load security certification in compliance with Standard EN 12642 Code XL – VDI 2700 including Beverage Transport Certification, 4 x 2 units of pillar pockets inside of the coil-well,” Kässbohrer said in a statement.

The K.SCC X+ is also fitted with K-Fix Load.

Due to the challenging operational processes of ferry operations, according to Kässbohrer, K.SCC X+ is equipped with extra features including reinforced and
closed kingpin section with a welded sliding plate for ferry operations, rear bumper 300mm inside, one-metre high wooden planks inside of aluminium door profiles and an extra plate on the sliding plate section to close the gap.

the coil well of the vehicle can be closed with a cover during the return freight and this feature is reported to offers operational efficiency by providing two transport solutions for one semi-trailer.

For the protection of rear bumper, K.SCC X+ comes with with two units of demountable ‘galvanised’ ferry skids under the bumper. The coil transporter is equipped with a kick plate to prevent the front panel damage. The 1,200mm high and 12mm thick plywood kick plate provides additional vehicle protection.

To increase the inner height, K.SCC X+ can be equipped with a roof lifting option and is suitable for Code XL Certification.

The light but robust aluminium rear door of the vehicle provides maximum life performance and the modular design of the door is built for easy maintenance.

K.SCC X+ is KTL coated for 10 years of no rust perforation guarantee and covers all steel structural parts.

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