Going beyond trailer telematics

Road transport operations in the global supply chain are hampered by a series of inefficiencies including unnecessary driven mileage, remote workforce dependency, non-optimised loads, unplanned downtime as well as a slew of constraints imposed by virtue of regulatory compliance.

In Europe, for example, over 70 per cent land-based freight is transported by trucks, so it is critical for operators to sustain and improve the performance of today’s global logistics flow, which ultimately protects the bottom line of freight businesses.

As a means of overcoming these challenges that impact the bottom lines of many freight businesses worldwide, WABCO has recently established a new Fleet organisation which together with its existing Trailer Solutions organisation focuses specifically on the needs of transport operators and the ecosystems in which they operate.

WABCO’s Fleet organisation is delivering innovations that improve fuel efficiency, reduce downtime while also providing solutions for regulatory compliance, workforce management and load optimisation via advanced Fleet Management Solutions (FMS), Software as a Service (SaaS) and cloud-based technologies.

The organisation operates from over 45 markets, but extends its reach through an impressive 4,600 independent distribution points and 3100 accredited workshops across 115 countries.

WABCO’s combined Trailer and Fleet solutions expands WABCO’s capabilities in delivering transporters new levels of road transport safety, environmental efficiencies and leaner operations.

The FMS and digital technology suite which WABCO provides for trailers
harnesses a holistic portfolio of advanced technologies that increasingly make use of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data to deliver new information and critical data to operators wherever they may be. This development is part of a greater shift to IoT tech that is used across the transportation sector as a whole to overcome fleet inefficiencies.

WABCO’s FMS and digital technology offering leverages the unique data
set generated via Trailer Braking Systems and the associated sensors to provide fleet operators with precise insights that lead the way for improved operational efficiency through data integration and advanced analytics.

The WABCO trailer telematics suite consists of three solutions:

• TX-GEO to provide location data of any powered or unpowered asset
• TX-TRAILERPULSE to provide trailer EBS & health data.
• TX-TRAILERGUARD to provide connection to multiple peripherals and available trailer systems.

TX-GEO: is an autonomous tracer that localises a fleet’s trailers and assets. The operator receives location information of the trailers it is tracking and can be used to determine the number of trailers on the road or not in use. It can be fitted for any asset type and features: discrete housing, a long-lasting battery and can be quickly and easily installed with options for custom positioning.

TX-TRAILERPULSE is designed to capture a maximum of data on trailers with limited electronics, such as curtain siders or box trailers. Recently launched in Europe and Australia, this solution is a robust trailer telematics solution which combines real-time track and trace functionality with additional remote trailer health and diagnostic information. The solution, according to WABCO, is the first of its kind, combining both trailer tracking and advanced remote diagnostic in one solution at a price level which allows fleet-wide deployment across all trailer types.

Directly connected to the trailer’s EBS, TX-TRAILERPULSE captures the data and forwards this information to TX-TRAILERFIT which further processes and visualizes it. This information can be used to assess the technical health of the trailer and can provide, for example, root cause indication and repair hints. Additionally, users can monitor the EBS’ use over a trailer’s lifetime and check critical EBS events. Health and diagnostics insights can be shared easily and securely with workshops and service partners building a digitally connected repair and maintenance chain, creating a direct positive impact on the total uptime of fleet vehicles.

TX-TRAILERGUARD, with its numerous connectivity capabilities, is the natural fit for trailers and transports requiring complex tracking and remote control functionality. In the field of temperature management for instance, TX-TRAILERGUARD connects and integrates seamlessly to most reefer and data logger solutions on the market.

TX-TRAILERGUARD can also interface with cargo security solutions such as OptiLock™: WABCO’s electronic high security locking system for trailers and container doors that is suitable for a range of applications including pharma product and food protection. The connection to TX-TRAILERGUARD delivers new levels of security by enabling office personnel to remotely lock/unlock/arm/disarm security locks without driver intervention.

In general, WABCO telematics solutions provide transporters with trailer, trucks and driver-related information on one back office platform and is designed to optimise logistical processes thanks to its track and trace capabilities, remote diagnostics which allow fleets to provide immediate support to drivers on the road and reduce downtime by allowing them to schedule preventive maintenance and allows vehicle data can be visible to the dispatcher in the fleet’s existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system or Fleet Management System (FMS).

WABCO Vice President and Global Fleet Solutions Leader, Philippe
Colpron, says every kilometre driven has a cost attached to it – every fleet wants to optimise its trailer space, reduce potential theft, save on vehicle costs, reduce expensive and unexpected downtime, ensure regulatory compliance and optimise the use of its remote assets.

“These are the basics that ensure that fleet and transport operators can continue to be profitable and it is these areas in which we will operate, offering one of the widest, most complete portfolios in the sector that combines the strength of both advanced on-board technologies and an ecosystem of automation solutions, with an extensive integrated global service network,” he says. “And as the industry evolves, we are working to stay ahead of change to enable our customers to transition, benefit from and be successful in an ever-changing transportation world.”

Fast Fact
Trailer telematics is reported to be one of the fastest growing branches of Internet of Things (IoT), with subscriptions expected to increase by 16 per cent through to 2023. Technology company, WABCO, provides cloud-connected Trailer Electronic Braking Systems (T-EBS) that feature dedicated portals for each customer segment while also leveraging unique data access.

Fast Fact
The introduction of WABCO Fleet Solutions anticipates a rapidly changing transport industry where global mega-trends such as population growth, the Internet of Things, higher customer expectations and a push towards sustaining a greener world, combined with increasingly demanding customer requirements for flexibility, speed and safety are putting further pressure on supply chains and fleet profitability. As the commercial vehicle industry moves decisively towards increasingly autonomous, connected and electric vehicles to meet these challenges, WABCO’s Fleet Solutions organisation will drive the technological advancement that will continue to enable smarter operations across the commercial road transport ecosystem.

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