Detlef Borghardt joins TIP Trailer Services

Former SAF-Holland CEO Detlef Borghardt has joined TIP Trailer Services’ Supervisory Board.

The appointment was effective 13 September 2019.

As a member of the Supervisory Board of Cube Transportation Europe Coöperatief UA – TIP's senior holding company – Borghardt will advise TIP's Board of Directors on behalf of I Squared Capital.

“I am more than enthusiastic about being part of the team,” said Borghardt. “The company’s and its management's highly ambitious requirements for services, products, quality and safety are perfectly aligned with my own core values ​​and beliefs, and my extensive experience in this industry should support TIP's growth and success as much as possible worldwide.”

Borghardt is a senior executive and former CEO of SAF-Holland, a leading supplier of chassis-related systems and components, primarily for trailers and semi-trailers, but also for trucks and buses. He has nearly 30 years of experience in the global commercial vehicle and auto parts industry.

“Detlef Borghardt is a true leader and a veteran of the transportation industry, and at TIP, our goal is to strengthen our leadership position in the transportation and logistics industry by continually improving and diversifying our way of doing business,” said TIP Trailer Services President and CEO, Bob Fast.

“Because of his extensive experience and knowledge of our industry, I am confident that Detlef Borghardt will make a great contribution to the future of TIP,” he said.

Following the appointment of Detlef Borghardt to the Board of Directors of Cube Transportation Europe Coöperatief UA, the TIP Holding Supervisory Board is composed of the following members:

  • Adil Rahmathulla – President
  • Mohamed Adel El-Gazzar – Vice President
  • Enrico del Prete – Director of Surveillance
  • Thomas J. Donohue – Director of Supervision
  • Maxime Jacqz – Director of Surveillance
  • David Binks – Director of Surveillance
  • Steven Keith Webber – Director of Supervision
  • Detlef Borghardt – Director of Surveillance

In other news, TIP Nordic supports Gadens Boern with unique semi-trailer design.

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