Swiss firm maximises fleet potential with Idem Telematics

BPW Group’s Idem Telematics help maximise the efficiency of Pistor’s road transport fleet with effective route planning through data evaluation.

Pistor supplies bakeries, gastronomic establishments, nursing homes and hospitals in Switzerland with food, beverages, packaging or care items such as towels.

“Idem Telematics has found a challenging customer in us,” said Marco Fuchs, responsible for vehicle telematics operations at Pistor. “We have very high expectations, yet idem telematics cope with these well and has always realised everything to our utmost satisfaction.“

Pistor has a company history of more than 100 years behind them. Today, it is the market leader in the bakery and confectionery sector in Switzerland and continues to record steady growth. For

Fuchs said Pistor’s record steady growth and market position as a leader in the bakery and confectionery sector in Switzerland can be attributed to the business’ proven reliability made possible by Idem Telematics’ telematics solutions.

“We can, thanks to this technology, meet very many of our customers needs,” said Fuchs. “These also include, besides tracking the routes that our trucks run during daily distribution, safe monitoring of the cold chain as well. Moreover, we access the remaining driving times, kilometres and tachometer related data.”

The problem of empty running is virtually unknown at Pistor according to Fuchs.

“We plan the day down to the minute, always drive to the same customers and are in most cases operating at full capacity,” he said – adding that navigation guides the driver from one destination to the next. Also, the orders are displayed in the cargofleet driver app installed on mobile phones in the vehicles.

Pistor's fleet is reported to comprise 87 trucks with several temperature zones, three of which run purely electrically – all equipped with telematics.

The Idem Telematics app also allows Pistor to perform order processing with a link to its own Transport Management System (TMS). Loading equipment can therefore be managed in an uncomplicated manner, route planning is seamlessly integrated into order management and complaint management is simplified. The analysis of delivery times enables optimised route planning.

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