TIP Nordic supports Gadens Boern with unique semi-trailer design

TIP Nordic has designed a semi-trailer to spread awareness for Gadens Boern – a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) that works with vulnerable street children in Kolkata, India.

It started with an idea on a trip to India in January 2012 where founder, Pia Lindell Qwist, for the first time experienced the street children's realities and conditions in Kolkata. This, as well as the sight of their poor housing conditions in unsafe areas along roads, under bridges and on stations, motivated the foundations of Gadens Boern: to give non-registered street children in Kolkata the opportunity to break the social heritage through education and care; and to offer an alternative to the street in form of a permanent home with access to care, daily meals and health care.

In just seven years three schools with a total of 470 children, outreach work and a health clinic for vulnerable street children has been established. Operations include schooling and education, nutritional food, healthcare, medicine and clothing.

“After our first meeting with Pia Lindell Qwist, we were convinced that we somehow wanted to support this fantastic organisation,” said TIP Nordic Vice President, Christian Petersen.

“It became a semi-trailer with a unique design,” he said. “Our suppliers covered the extra cost and our customers NTG Nordic & Combino Spedition supported Gadens Boern with an amount each, that in total gives 30 children access to school, meals and health care for one year. In addition, the trailers create increased awareness around Gadens Boern, TIP and our customers, wherever they are.”

Gadens Boern Founder, Pia Lindell Qwist is thrilled about the project: “We are so grateful for this amazing setup. Our CSR partnership helps children to a bright and secure future by giving them the opportunity to have an education. Also, the trailers are creating increased awareness all around”.

In other news, TIP collaborates with TÜV Nord on trailer inspection certificate.

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