German logistics provider praises Kamag swap body transporter

Achern-based freight forwarder, Wilfried Maier Speditionsgesellschaft, has optimised its yard logistics tasks with a Wiesel from Kamag.

Maier Fleet Manager, Detlef Kaspar, has been using the Wiesel for the past six months at the Duravit central warehouse. He told Kamag that he appreciates the universal and cost-effective applicability of the Wiesel in container and trailer handling, excellent work-area ergonomics as well as the successful design of the new cab.

“I cannot find an alternative to the new Wiesel from Kamag on the market,” said Kaspar.

”With this swap body transporter, we can move all load carriers to and from the ramps. We use the Wiesel to move simply everything – from different sized swap bodies with a range of parking heights through to semi-trailers and trailers,” he said

In addition to the high level of stability, Kaspar was impressed by the extraordinary versatility of the swap body transporter. The Wiesel can reportedly accommodate for all common container sizes ranging from C715 and C745 through to the jumbo-sized C782 format whereby the standard stops for C782 containers are rigid while the two smaller sizes are adjustable. Locking takes place via two height-adjustable twist locks. The swap body transporter from Kamag is also extremely flexible when it comes to parking heights. It accommodates decks with parking heights from 970-1,320 millimetres.

As an optional hydraulically height-adjustable fifth wheel plate has also been installed at the rear, the Wiesel can also easily move semi-trailers. In addition, there is a bar coupling at the rear so that trailers and, if the customer has ordered the optional low coupling system, low coupled tandem axle trailers can likewise be pulled. This equipment selection makes the Wesel a universally usable handling vehicle on the logistics yard and thus a highly efficient and very cost-effective transport solution.

Kaspar is also enthusiastic about the excellent ergonomics and high level of comfort provided in the driver's workplace in the new Wiesel. With the introduction of the new Wiesel generation, an independent design development has now replaced the previous situation whereby the vehicle featured a purchased truck cab. This offers decisive advantages. The driver no longer has to climb up two steps in order to reach his seat but instead simply negotiates a flat step.

“This is a huge advantage” according driver Philippe Brandt. The trained mechatronics technician has been working for Maier for 12 years and had already driven the previous generation of the Wiesel.

“We handle at least 25 containers in one shift,” he said. “In addition, there are up to six semi-trailers. At peak times, the number rises to 50 swap bodies. It is at this point, at the latest, it makes a huge difference whether I have to use a flat vehicle entrance or climb up two steps. I can always work in a relaxed fashion with the Wiesel.”

In other news, Kamag – part of the Transporter Industry International Group – is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2019.

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