TIP diversifies reefer fleet with Dearman zero emission systems

UK-based ‘clean cold’ technology company, Dearman, and TIP Netherlands (NL) have partnered to deploy Dearman’s liquid nitrogen powered transport refrigeration units in trailers leased by TIP to leading fleet operators.

Reducing the environmental impact of a logistics network is an integral part of environmentally conscientious fleet operators seeking low-carbon and clean-air transport solutions according to Dearman.

“Following successful trials in NL and Italy with a global top three multi-brand foods company, TIP showcased Dearman’s zero emissions transport refrigeration technology at its recent Customer Innovation Platform so that operators could familiarise themselves with Dearman’s clean, quiet operation and its ease of use,” Dearman said in a statement. “TIP has seen its trailer leasing customers increasingly look to adopt cleaner and more efficient solutions for tractor units at the front of their vehicles and the new partnership with Dearman means TIP’s customers will be able to match their cleaner propulsion investments with a clean refrigeration solution.”

TIP Vice President Benelux, Rogier Laan, said its customers frequently ponder the question of how to deal with issues such as sustainability and the type of trailers they should use.

“We therefore see it as our responsibility to be the best industry partner for these topics and we support innovative solutions that contribute in making our industry more sustainable,” he said. “We therefore keep a close eye on technical developments within our industry and we test these developments regularly, including this revolutionary solution from Dearman.”

Dearman Chief Commercial Officer, Khaled Simmons, said that TIP’s support for clean technology innovation is a major step to enable fleet operators to meet the increasing evironmental demand upon them from regulators, food producers and retailers.

“The license to operate diesel-powered refrigeration is closing in and it will take leadership from innovative leasing companies like TIP to support the transition to clean alternatives,” he said.

Earlier this year, the Dearman-Hubbard zero emission refrigeration unit to begin major European tour.

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