Kässbohrer unveils delicate but strong flower carrier

German OEM, Kässbohrer, has expanded its cold chain transportation range with the launch of its Flower Carrier, K.SRI F.

Kässbohrer’s K.SRI F is equipped with cutting-edge technology and offers the best features for flower transportation.

K.SRI F is offered with the inner height of 2,700mm, an internal width of 2,500mm, integrated load security rail, protected rear door and 1,100mm fifth wheel height with 385/65 22.5 tyres as a standard offering the maximum volume for the transportation of delicate goods.

K.SRI F's chassis, made of high strength steel is KTL coated for 10 years of no rust perforation guarantee assuring performance for the life time of the vehicle.

Kässbohrer Flower Carrier is compliant with EN 12642 Code XL to provide safer transportation of the delicate goods, FRC for perishable good transportation and Pharma Certificate for pharmaceutical material transportation.

To assure the continuity of cold chain operations Flower Carrier features an insulated door as well as buffers all around for maximum isolation.

Flower Carrier is provided with an insulated robust rear door that is equipped with full rear rubber buffer across rear width and hinge protection rubber buffers fitted vertically full height of the rear frame increasing the robustness of the vehicle, prevents damages to the box during operations and extends the life time of the vehicle.

Kässbohrer's high-tech Flower Carrier’s steel rear frame mounted  85mm thickness insulated rear door is protected with 250mm aluminium kick strip fitted at the bases to prevent damages during operations enabling cold chain operation sustainability.

As standard, reliably secured aluminium hinges are customs-compliant to prevent cargo theft. K.SRI F can be equipped with stainless steel housing door locks consisting of two parts, one part on the left-hand door and one part on the right-hand door, to make it resistant to attempted burglaries as an option.

Additionally, K.SRI F is equipped with integrated load security rails to provide optimum load security during your operations. 

Flower Carrier K.SRI F is equipped with special features that enables reduction of its Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

K.SRI F's GRP panel technology offers long term cost savings through anti-corrosion feature and fuel savings through better insulation.

Additionally, K.SRI F provides rapid maintenance through easy change of only the damaged zone of the GRP side panel.

Furthermore, with composite profiles reinforced side panels of K.SRI F make a difference with its robustness even with its 45mm thickness.

Through the light and robust design of 45mm GRP panels, K.SRI F enables higher payload capacity by maximising the inner volume.

The Flower Carrier also features an aluminium floor with 7200kg forklift load capacity as standard, assuring maximum safety during operations.

In order to enable multi-temperature transportation for different refrigerated products, K.SRI F is equipped with a partition wall as an option. Additionally, K. SRI F is offered with the double-deck option that has 10.5-tonne capacity on the second floor to enable maximum operational efficiency up to 66 euro pallets.

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