Prevent tyre damage with SAF Tire Pilot

SAF Tire Pilot, SAF-Holland’s automatic tyre-inflating system for trailers and semi-trailers, monitors tyre pressure and automatically raises it to a preset value if needed to prevent tyre damage.

Consistently high temperatures can affect truck and trailer tyres, which can lead to faster wear and for fleet operators, unplanned additional costs.

“If the pressure isn’t right, the tyres can overheat, burst or even start to burn,” said SAF-Holland Product Manager OE Europe, Elmar Weber. “Our SAF Tire Pilot tyre-inflating system automatically compensates for pressure losses and keeps the commercial vehicles safe on the road at all times.”

The SAF Tire Pilot is reported to be designed with rigid and steering axles in mind, keeping tyre pressure reliable under control at all times. If the pressure drops by 0.2 bar or more, the system automatically raises the air pressure to the preset value. If the leakage is too great, a warning light switches on within the driver’s indirect field of vision. The system generates electricity independently, so there is no need for it to be connected to the on-board electrical system. Even with slow air leakage due to puncture damage, SAF-Holland said the system maintains minimum pressure in the tyre to allow the vehicle to safely reach the nearest workshop.

Burst tyres can also result in costly secondary damages, affecting fenders, lighting and brake systems, according to Weber.

“The material damage alone can amount to several thousand euros, plus the loss of time or freight for the forwarding agent,” he said.

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