Goldhofer consolidates market position in Taiwan

Taiwan-based heavy haulage company, Chi Deh Crane Engineering, has expanded its fleet with a Goldhofer FTV 550 blade transport device to bolster its wind turbine component transport capabilities.

Chi Deh has used Goldhofer equipment since 2000 and the fleet includes a mechanically steered PST/SL self-propelled vehicles, modular THP/SL heavy-duty systems and electronically steered PST/SL-E self-propelled vehicles. In addition to the FTV 550, other additions include 16 axle lines of electronically steered PST/SL-E and three SPZ-GP flatbed semi-trailers with pendular axles.

Chi Deh's investment in the FTV 550 reportedly enables it to deliver the latest generation blades to remote locations with ease.

(Image: Chi Deh Chairman, Mr. Hu, standing in front of the FTV 550 on show at Bauma.)

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