Krone and Torello celebrate 10-year partnership

Italian logistics service provider, Torello, and German trailer builder, Krone, together with the Italian Krone importer Real Trailer, recently celebrated 10 years of cooperation between the two companies at the Krone site in Lübtheen.

Krone delivered 50 new Cool Liners as part of the celebration.

Antonio Torello, Chief Transport Officer of the Torello Group, thanked Krone on behalf of the Torello family for their loyal and trusting cooperation.

“As so often in life, a good relationship between two people is the basis for a long-term professional relationship,” he said. “In our case, it was the Pigozzi family from Real Trailer who presented us not only the Krone products, but also the Krone family. The quality of the vehicles and of course the values lived in the Krone family business quickly convinced us and since then we have been a loyal customer. The refrigerated vehicles offer excellent quality and the various equipment variants offered by Krone make our daily work much easier.”

Andreas Völker, Krone Director International Sales and Stefano Savazzi, Director Sales at Real Trailer invited the Italian guests to a guided tour of the Cool Liner production in Lübtheen, where the Torello team could experience the ultra-modern production first-hand and take delivery of the new Torello refrigerated trailer.

Andreas Völker and Stefano Savazzi thanked Torello on behalf of the Krone family and the entire Krone team for the trust they have placed in Krone for a decade now. “Torello is one of the most important logistics and refrigerated goods specialists in Italy, convincing its customers with absolute quality. In this respect, we are very much looking forward to the future cooperation, because we are sure that both companies will continue to grow together.”

In other news, Krone acquired Knapen Group.

(Image L-R: Stefano Savazzi, Director Sales at Real Trailer, Andreas Völker, Krone Direktor International Sales, Antonio Torello, Chief Transport Officer of the Torello Group and Maximilian Hunfeld, Krone Area Sales Manager.)

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