Chereau launches road safety program

French OEM, Chereau, is working with local government to improve road safety.

Chereau CEO, Damien Destremau, has signed a partnership agreement with Avranches Deputy Prefect, Gilles Traimond, to implement seven major road safety principles.

These undertakings include: limiting phone conversations while driving to emergencies; enforcing sobriety on the road; encouraging the use of seat belts as a requirement; adherence to authorised speed limits; ensuring vehicle operators consider rests for long journeys; promoting road safety training; and encouraging two-wheelers to better equip themselves.

Chereau said in a statement it will take action to respect the principles as stipulated in the agreement. As part of the agreement, the OEM will raise road safety awareness throughout five-year period.

(Image L-R: Avranches Deputy Prefect, Gilles Traimond, and Chereau CEO, Damien Destremau.)

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