Great Dane secures customer confidence with Khalsa Transportation

US-based trucking company, Khalsa Transportation, specifies Great Dane trailers to ensure safe and timely deliveries.

Khalsa Transportation Vice President, Pete Singh, told Great Dane that the OEM’s trailers are solid. He explained that the right trailers can help the company stay one step ahead of sophisticated criminals who illegally obtain shipping records and track high-value loads that Khalsa often transports.

Khalsa Transportation’s fleet comprises more than 220 trailers – the majority  being Great Dane-branded vehicles, with more trailer orders reportedly in the OEM’s manufacturing pipeline.

Singh said the durability and dependability of Khalsa’s road transport fleet is important when transporting high-value loads.

“A trailer is a much easier theft target if it’s stranded on the side of the road,” he said. “We don’t want to give our drivers bad equipment that always needs repair. It makes the job more tedious. We keep our drivers happy; we treat everyone here like family.”

In addition to carting high-value loads, Khalsa’s 53’ Champion dry vans haul general commodities, typically palletised, which also include heavier loads such as equipment and glass.

Great Dane said the trailers crisscross the country, delivering to the 48 states that make up the contiguous United States. Great Dane’s AdvantEDGE program connects customers with a nationwide network of authorised service locations, including access to 24-hour emergency roadside assistance, controlled ordering and invoicing, up-front estimates, competitive labour rates and signature parts price protection.

“Trailer maintenance and getting parts is always a challenge,” said Singh, who relies on Great Dane’s extensive service network. “We’re working with Great Dane’s full-service dealer Central Valley Trailer Repair in Fresno, as well as a location in Stockton, California. CVTR has helped us with specs and safety features for our Danes. The experience has been great.”

Khalsa is ever-vigilant in its pursuit of safe, secure and timely transportation services, according to Great Dane, and that shines through in the trailers the fleet puts on the road.

“Clients tell us all the time how great our trailers look,” Singh said. “Our trailers are decked out with our spec and graphics, and Great Dane’s durability keeps our trailers looking great. You can tell, clients can tell, the quality of a trailer just by looking at it.”

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