IRU hails TIR transport between Iran and Azerbaijan a success

The first eTIR transport between Iran in the Middle East and Eurasian country Azerbaijan was coordinated by Zarin Borna International Transport earlier this month.

This milestone eTIR transport – supported by IRU members ICCIMA, the Iranian Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture, and ABADA, the Azerbaijan International Road Carriers Association, as well as the respective Iranian and Azerbaijani Customs administrations – was a resounding success, according to the International Road Transport Union (IRU).

“It marks a new era of transport operations between the two countries, and clearly demonstrates that the new paperless digital TIR works efficiently in a real transit environment,” IRU said in a statement.

“The new digital TIR corridor between Iran and Azerbaijan opens up the region to even greater trade flows and increased prosperity for those along the route.

“Quicker, simpler, safer – eTIR is a paperless, fully digital version of TIR, the world’s only universal cross-border transit system.

“Moving to eTIR offers transport operators in both countries real-time data availability, online monitoring and improved reliability.”

In June, China proceeded with TIR implementation.

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