Pfenning Logistics takes delivery of 1,250th Schmitz Cargobull trailer

Schmitz Cargobull has delivered the 1,250th semi-trailer to Germany's Pfenning Logistics Group.

For the handover of the two-axle box semi-trailer, representatives from both companies met at the Heddesheim site in Germany.

Boris Billich, Sales Director of Schmitz Cargobull, handed over the new trailer to Karl-Martin Pfenning, Managing Partner of the Pfenning Logistics Group.

“Over the past few years, Schmitz Cargobull has proven itself to be a very reliable partner,” said Pfenning.

“The trailer quality, quick and on-schedule delivery, and Europe-wide availability of spare parts are all decisive factors in meeting the quality standard we promise to our customers,” he said.

With the recently ordered 55 S.KO two-axle semi-trailers in the fresh foods version, Pfenning Logistics added the 1,250th Schmitz Cargobull semi-trailer to the vehicle fleet.

“We are proud to fulfil the trust placed in us and also to have already pushed ahead in certain areas of trailer development together with the Pfenning Logistics Group,” said Billich.

“Our efforts to set the benchmark for intelligent and efficient transport solutions in the commercial vehicles industry are appreciated by the customers,” he said.

As the requirements of customers are also quite diverse in retail logistics, according to Schmitz Cargobull, the Pfenning Logistics Group has again ordered S.KO box semi-trailers of different lengths in the latest batch.

The fleet comprises 25 new force-steered, two-axle S.KO box semi-trailers with a length of 11 metres as well as 30 new S.KO box semi-trailers with a length of 13.6 metres.

“In recent times, the loads for our customers have become increasingly heavy,” said Pfenning Logistics Group Fleet Manager, René Günzel. “The beverage portion is growing. Here we simply need a second axle.”

To consistently meet customer requirements, cooperation in the implementation of new ideas has been a tradition between the two companies for some time. The best-known example of this is the joint development of a through-loading road train for temperature-controlled transport, 200 units of which Schmitz Cargobull has already delivered to Pfenning Logistics.

The Pfenning Logistics Group is headquartered in Heddesheim in Baden-Württemberg. With 3,700 employees in total, the company is represented at a total of 90 locations in Germany. With a fleet of 800 trucks and a total storage space of 330,000 square metres, the Pfenning Logistics Group caters to customers not only in the retail trade but also in many other economic sectors.

(Image L-R: Rana Matthias Nag, Managing Director Pfenning Logistics Group, Boris Billich, CSO Schmitz Cargobull, Marie-Elizabeth Benois, Partner Pfenning Logistics Group, Karl-Martin Pfenning, Managing Partner Pfenning Logistics Group, Frank Reppenhagen, Sales Manager Schmitz Cargobull, Manuel Pfenning, member of the executive management at Pfenning Logistics Group.)

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