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Originally founded as a producer of self-steering and special rigid axles in Verona, Italy, in 1984, Assali Stefen has expanded its product range following the acquisition of the license to produce ROR axles and suspensions. The OEM continues to develop new patented solutions to meet the ever-evolving needs of the transport market.

With a worldwide reputation for the design, production and distribution of axles and suspension systems for trailer, semi-trailers and other customised solutions, Assali Stefen has endeavoured to continuously innovate and maintain strategic partnerships with important players in the commercial road transport industry.

In 2011, Assali Stefen widened its range of products adding ROR standard axles and suspensions to its ever-increasing production. Ever since, Assali Stefen has rejuvenated the ROR brand, developing new solutions that meet the evolving needs of its industry partners.

Over the years, Assali Stefen has grown constantly, registering a +38.6 per cent increase in axle production and a +48.8 per cent increase in revenue in the last 5 years. After the acquisition of the license to produce ROR axles and suspensions, Assali Stefen has continued to invest in automation and innovation, widening its range of products and developing new patented solutions, confirming itself as one of the major players in the market.

“The strength of the company lays in the experience and passion of our team”, according to CEO and founder, Giovanni Bertagnoli.

“Assali Stefen has grown thanks to the direct relationship with our customers, flexibility in terms of short lead time and product customisation, which is possible even for low volume orders. These are our strengths and this is what we believe in. We are ready to face new challenges looking towards the future,” he says.

Assali Stefen offers a wide range of products, from standard options to tailored solutions. In particular, Assali Stefen has specialised in self-steering axles and command steering axles, as well as special applications.

Assali Stefen is one of the major manufacturers of self-steering axles, command steering axles and special applications. As a matter of fact, still today some of the greatest European trailer manufacturers fit Assali Stefen self-steering axles under their trailers along with their own rigid axles.

Among the innovative solutions, Assali Stefen recently presented the air suspension SL9, which is an integrated suspension with an innovative and patented clamping system, allowing a weight reduction of 20kg per axle compared to the CS9 suspension. Also, the roll stiffness is increased by 20 per cent. The SL9 suspension loading capacity is up to nine tonnes, and is available in different configurations, on rigid or self-steering axles, either with disc or drum brakes.

Fast Fact
Italy-based OEM, Assali Stefen, has a variety of trailer suspensions systems that can be adapted for specific trailer applications, as well as allow for optimal vehicle operator comfort and safety. The OEM also specialises in the design and production of steering axles, specifically Italian-made ROR trailer axles.

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