Krone wins Green Truck Trailer Innovation Award

German trailer builder, Krone, received the Green Truck Trailer Innovation Award this week for Smart Capacity Management.

The jury reportedly praised the sustainable increase in transport efficiency made possible by the use of Krone's Smart Capacity Management, which is an information exchange platform connected to freight exchange where digital data is received from the sender and forwarded to the shipper and consignee (and vice versa).

Krone Managing Director Sales & Marketing, Dr Frank Albers, accepted the award on behalf of the entire Krone team.

“The currently available payload and loading area, type and quantity of goods as well as the current location are determined from the digital data of the Krone telematics system installed in the trailer in conjunction with the electronic braking system, load space recognition and load carrier sensor system, and compared with the data from the transport orders offered by the freight exchanges in real time,” Krone said in a statement.

“The freight forwarder receives additional transport proposals for goods according to the 'either-or principle', which are displayed in the Krone telematics portal for booking.

“When a transport order is booked, the digital delivery note data is transferred directly to the ERP systems of the parties involved in the shipment during the journey of the trailer. This ensures the best possible utilisation of the trailer and increases transport efficiency, i.e. empty runs are avoided, available loading capacities are used and CO2 is saved.”

Krone is exhibiting Smart Capacity Management this week at the Transport Logistic trade fair in Munich, Germany.

The Green Truck Trailer Innovation Award (semi-trailer/trailer) was presented for the first time on the eve of Transport Logistic 2019.

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