Celerity DRS scores exclusive Airtab distribution deal

Transport Equipment Innovations has appointed Celerity DRS as exclusive distributor in central and western Europe for the Airtab drag reduction system, effective 1 June 2019.

Airtab, according to Celerity DRS, is a product designed to reduce fuel consumption by altering, controlling and smoothing air flow around a vehicle. The airtabs target and reduce drag at two locations: the gap between the prime mover and the trailer and at the rear of the trailer.

“The Airtab product fits perfectly in to the existing portfolio of Celerity DRS,” said Celerity DRS (Drag Reduction Systems) General Manager, Bart Ezendam.

“It’s a product which I believe will contribute significantly to the transport market, offering increased safety, stability and fuel savings. Not to mention the environmental benefits from the reduction of fuel emissions, which is becoming more and more important,” he said.

Results reported by current Airtab operators include:

• Significant indicative fuel savings of between 3-5 per cent annually on trucks, trailers, vans, cars and caravans. Any reduction in fuel consumption has a direct relationship with reductions in carbon emissions, for example: a three per cent fuel saving means a three per cent reduction in carbon production.

• Drivers report handling improvements in the stability of the trailer.

• Increased driver safety from both increased stability and also improved visibility to the rear of a vehicle in wet conditions.

• Less dirt and grime is stirred up at the back of a vehicle- tail lights and the rear of the vehicle remain cleaner for longer.

“In the UK especially, but also in mainland Europe, several transport companies who have been running with Airtab have been keen to share their amazement in the short-term return on investment offered by the product,” said Ezendam.

“Within weeks the investment has been paid back in full. We are really excited to take on the distribution of this product,” he said.

Celerity DRS will be exhibiting the Airtab at Transport Logistic in Munich, Germany, from June 4-7 (hall 6, stand 221).

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