Wearable tech to boost warehouse productivity: DHL

Courier company, DHL, is deploying smart glasses and other wearable technology to support vision picking processing in its warehouses around the world.

Augmented Reality (AR) is driving more accurate, productive and efficient picking, according to DHL. Also, hands-free picking is reported to provide a positive experience and high approval rating among DHL employees.

“With the second generation of Glass Enterprise Edition, we can now provide our customers and employees with even more powerful, technically optimised smart glasses,” said DHL Supply Chain COO, Markus Voss.

“The possibility of object recognition is also particularly promising for us in industrial applications.

“With the corresponding software, it is no longer just possible to read out barcodes, locate products and display the corresponding storage compartment; in future, also complex objects can be identified with the smart glasses.

“We expect this to lead to further productivity increases from which our employees and our customers will benefit equally,” he said.

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