Toll operates Vawdrey super B-double in Singapore

The super B-double, manufactured by Vawdrey Australia, is the largest road transport vehicle currently used in Singapore, according to Toll Group.

Singapore is a major logistics hub for Toll’s global operations; it has an extensive network of offices, warehouses and distribution centres as well as dedicated freight forwarding and supply chain logistics teams. Toll claims to be the only transport and logistics company that operates the super b-double combination in the country.

“The super B-double is an amazing 2×40 footer trailer that has enabled us to increase productivity, and provides inter-gateway haulage services between three terminals – Pasir Panjang, Keppel and Brani,” Toll said in a statement.

Vawdrey Australia National Sales Manager, Justin Simmonds, said the super B-double is proudly manufactured by Vawdrey.

“Well done Toll for implementing this productivity vehicle,” he said.

Vawdrey super B-doubles in Australia are typically fitted with Electronic Braking Systems (EBS), side underrun protection and a quad-quad suspension system to satisfy route access and Performance-Based Standards (PBS) requirements.

The super B-double design, according to Vawdrey, effectively cuts travel time, vehicle usage and fuel consumption while enabling bigger payloads.

Wharf cartage specialist, Norman Carriers, invested in a new quad quad super B-double skel combination from Vawdrey last year. The Managing Director of Norman Carriers, Gareth Hearnden, said his fleet allocators love the added flexibility and carrying capacity the quad quad offers, and that it is a real game changer for the business’ operations.

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