WABCO launches cloud-based trailer diagnostics solution

Technology company, WABCO, is launching a trailer monitoring and remote diagnostics solution, TX-TRAILER PULSE, in June 2019.

WABCO’s TX-TRAILERPULSE is a trailer-focused Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity solution which combines real-time track and trace functionality with additional remote trailer health and diagnostic information. The solution is the first of its kind, combining both trailer tracking and advanced remote diagnostic in one solution at a price level which allows fleet-wide deployment across all trailer types.

Complementing WABCO’s comprehensive fleet management solutions, the system can be easily installed as an OEM fitment or as a retrofit option for fleets. The solution enables fleet operators, as well as trailer leasing and rental companies, to better track, maintain and manage assets.

“An incredible 70 per cent of today’s operational trailers in Europe are not equipped with any form of connectivity solution,” said WABCO Vice President and Fleet Solutions Global Business Leader, Philippe Colpron.

“TX-TRAILERPULSE offers a cost-effective way to optimally track and manage trailers and is agnostic to the trailer type, enabling fleets with mixed cargo to apply the technology.

“We are achieving this by building on the strength of IoT and the power of cloud connectivity, enabling our customers to better optimize vehicle maintenance schedules and increase fleet operational productivity,” he said.

Directly connected to the trailer electronic braking system (TEBS), the solution captures and processes TEBS and trailer diagnostics data via the web-based TX-TRAILERFIT portal, which assesses the technical health of the trailer and can provide, for example, root cause indication and repair hints. Additionally, users can monitor the TEBS’ use over a trailer’s lifetime and check critical TEBS events. Health and diagnostics insights can be shared easily and securely with workshops and service partners building a digitally connected repair and maintenance chain, creating a direct positive impact on the total uptime of fleet vehicles.

Vehicles already equipped with WABCO’s TX-SKY fleet management solution can integrate TX-TRAILERPULSE into their existing back-office platform, enabled by advanced IoT and cloud computing technologies.

TX-TRAILERPULSE enables operators to see, manage and control their vehicles and operations from a central point.

WABCO has already secured its first customer, ahead of the product’s commercial launch in June. French transport company Dom’Azur, which specialises in heavy duty transport with a focus on the transportation of exceptional loads, will equip its fleet with WABCO’s new digital system.

“There is currently no comparable solution on the market,” said Dom’Azur CEO, Bertrand Vivier.

“We expect the rich functionalities of TX-TRAILERPULSE to optimise the use of our trailers and also our trailer maintenance flow.

This will help us to maximise our fleet’s uptime significantly,” he said.

“As the industry evolves, we are working to stay ahead of change – supporting our customers to transition, benefit from, and be successful in an ever-evolving transportation world,” said Colpron.

“TX-TRAILERPULSE is a direct response to the current market demand for such advanced, cost-efficient, digital fleet management systems.

“This proves once more that WABCO occupies a unique position as a reliable, future-focused partner to the commercial road transportation ecosystem, enabling fleets to be leaner, greener and safer in their daily operations,” he said.

Colpron presented the solution to the cloud computing community at the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Benelux Summit in Amsterdam on 17 April 2019. The AWS Summits brings together technologists, leaders and experts from across industries to showcase flexible, reliable and scalable solutions that utilise cloud computing technology.

In other news, German transmission specialist, ZF Friedrichshafen, announced it is merging with WABCO as part of a €7 billion deal.

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