Aramex opens e-commerce facility in Dubai

Dubai-based logistics company, Aramex, has launched a partially automated fulfillment centre in Dubai to support its e-commerce business with B2B retailers.

Located at Dubai Logistics City and covering 60,000 square metres, the temperature-controlled facility is one of Aramex’s largest fulfillment warehouses across the region. It features new technologies including a ‘Pick to Light’ system, which uses light-directed picking technology to improve accuracy and efficiency, and an automated conveyer belt system.

“Aramex’s new fulfillment centre is an important investment that will help support the rapid growth of our logistics business and our retailer’s omni-channel sales strategies,” said Aramex Chief Operating Officer Iyad Kamal.

“The facility’s cutting-edge technology strengthens our position by ensuring fast, seamless and reliable fulfillment. It forms an important component of our digital transformation strategy and our efforts to improve our logistics offering for retailers across the world,” he said.

Aramex Head of Logistics, Saeed Mukhtar, added: “The centre will expand our global logistics capacity and enable us to help more start-ups and established businesses receive, process and deliver orders to customers through effective supply chain management. We are pleased to expand our fulfillment infrastructure to deliver our customers the speed and reliability that they deserve.”

In FY2018, Aramex's 'Logistics and Supply Chain Management' operations grew by 16 per cent.

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