Bidvest to supply KFC again

UK-based Bidvest Logistics has signed a new agreement with KFC, following last year’s ‘fowl play’ that caused a surprise chicken shortage.

Bidvest Logistics is set to supply up to 350 of KFC UK & Ireland’s 900 restaurants via the new arrangement, according to UK news sources.

Last year, KFC changed its supply contract to DHL, which led to a ‘perfect storm’ of issues at the time including traffic accidents, the use of an untested distribution centre and a breakdown of the supply chain.

A KFC spokesperson told UK media that the restaurant chain’s focus is to ensure its customers can enjoy its chicken without further disruption by reverting the distribution contract from Quick Service Logistics and DHL to Bidvest Logistics.

“We've been working hard to resolve the present situation with QSL and DHL,” a KFC spokesperson told the BBC. “This decision will ease pressure at DHL's Rugby depot, to help get our restaurants back to normal as quickly as possible.”

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