Amazon joins DVF

German Transport Forum (DVF) has welcomed Amazon’s membership, stating it has gained a player in the online trade and logistics sector with a great deal of innovative power for the industry, according to Managing Director, Dr Ing. Heiki van Hoorn.

“Through its close integration of commerce, internet activities and logistics services, the company brings important know-how to our think tank,” said Hoorn. “Especially in the area of ​​urban delivery traffic, innovative concepts are urgently needed.”

Since 2010, Amazon has invested over 10 billion euros in infrastructure and facilities in Germany and employed more than 18,000 permanent employees in 2018. Most of the investment will benefit the growing network of logistics, sorting and distribution centres. Logistics is the linchpin of the Amazon shopping experience. Amazon delivers millions of products to millions of customers across Germany, Europe and around the world.

There are currently 12 Amazon logistics centres in Germany. In 2017, new logistics centres in Werne in North Rhine-Westphalia and in Dortmund and Winsen (Luhe) commenced operation. Since 2018, orders have also been processed from Frankenthal (Palatinate).

Amazon conducts research in future fields such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Germany is an important research location in the field of machine learning for Amazon, including in partnerships with other research institutions: In Berlin, Amazon cooperates with the Technical University in a joint post-doctoral program. In Tübingen, Amazon has entered into a strategic cooperation with the Max Planck Society in order to advance AI research.

DVF is an economic association of the mobility sector in passenger and freight transport in Europe.

(Image: German Transport Forum Managing Director, Dr Ing. Heiki van Hoorn.)

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