Tuffnells refreshes fleet with Don-Bur

UK-based postal service company, Tuffnells, has launched a fleet of new-look semi-trailers produced by commercial vehicle trailer and rigid bodywork specialist, Don-Bur.

Rollout of the new fleet forms an integral part of a brand refresh project that started with the launch of new 7.5 tonne vehicles in July. Staying true to its heritage, according to the OEM, the update still features the familiar Tuffnells name but with a crisp, modern aesthetic.

The new trailers also feature Don-Bur's BLADE panels. Unique to Don-Bur, the panels are reportedly lightweight, extremely long-life, offer high levels of durability, are easily repairable and are completely recyclable. They also provide greater levels of impact and weather resistance and are highly resistant to punctures, dents and corrosion.

Don-Bur has added improved safety features to provide a safer working environment for drivers due to the trailers’ ground level coupling which negates the need for vehicle operators to climb on the truck’s catwalk to attach or detach the trailer. Extra Light Emitting Diode (LED) lights have also been fitted to the side of the trailer for additional illumination.

“We couldn’t be happier with our new-look semi-trailers,” said Tuffnells CEO, Peter Birks.

“The addition of the specialist BLADE panels means our vehicles will be long-lasting, strong and durable.

“However, the most important update for us is the newly improved cargo control system. The safety of all our colleagues is of paramount importance. By being able to segregate the load more effectively through the cargo control system, we’ll be able to prioritise even higher levels of safety and security for our colleagues and customers alike.

“We would like to extend a big thank you to the whole team at Don-Bur for all their help in completing this project. Don-Bur is a company that is particularly special to us as they’ve been one of our longstanding customers for over 10 years, so we knew they’d be the perfect choice for helping us breathe new life into our vehicle fleet,” he said.

Roy Johnson, National Account Manager at Don-Bur, was reportedly instrumental in the completion of this project and took part in the initial design of the cargo control system.

“It’s been very rewarding to work with such a prestigious heritage brand as Tuffnells,” said Johnson.

“We first approached Tuffnells with some samples of our specialist BLADE panels and it was good to see that off the back of this, they decided to call on us to transform its fleet of semi-trailers.

“This project was especially inspiring for us as after being a Tuffnells customer for so many years, it’s fantastic that we’ve been able to give something back and show them what we can do. Following this project’s success, we’ll also be looking to rollout a further fleet of 14 more semi-trailers in the coming year. We look forward to working with Tuffnells further and helping with their ongoing operational investment program.”

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