Krone donates €10,000 to foundation

Dr Bernard Krone and Bernard Krone recently presented Uwe Seeler with a cheque for €10,000 for the Uwe Seeler Foundation.

The former captain and honourary captain of the German national football team thanked Krone for the donation and explained that the money will be used to support people who are dependent on the help of others because of their physical, mental or spiritual condition.

“Those who owe so much to sport and are on the sunny side of life should give something to those who never had the chance to feel such happiness and are on the shady side of life,” said Seeler.

Dr Bernard Krone was delighted to meet the legendary top scorer of the Hamburg sports club personally.

“Uwe Seeler was one of the best middle forwarders in the world; at the same time his name stands for fair sportsmanship and absolute loyalty,” said Dr Bernard Krone. “Today it's hard to imagine that a player would turn down a million-dollar offer from abroad to continue playing at his home club. Not without reason do many older, but also younger football fans throughout Germany appreciate this down-to-earth and sincere man.”

After the cheque was handed over, Uwe Seeler discussed questions about amateur and professional football with around 50 guests from the regional football clubs.

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