Preventative maintenance possible with idem telematics

French rental company, Fraikin, uses the entire idem telematics product range in Germany to monitor its towing units and semi-trailers to avoid unusual wear and damage.

Fraikin Technical Director, Alexander Roas, uses telematics to monitor rental vehicles to ensure long service life.

“For us, it is important that our customers handle the vehicles carefully and in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications,” he said. “idem telematics allow us to monitor the situation very closely.”

Additional functions such as GPS tracking or temperature monitoring are chosen by rental customers based on personal needs.

“We need information that doesn’t come from the upper edge of the steering wheel,” said Roas.

“All kinds of data are relevant for us and it always depends what individual customers need,” he said.

Fraikin can share the telematics data with its rental customers and several users can be assigned to the vehicles in the telematics portal from idem telematics. This means that everyone is efficiently provided with only the data they really need.

“Customers can call up the data in their own account and make use of additional services if required,” said Roas.

In addition to highly precise system maintenance, it also provides tangible added value for users of rental vehicles.

All telematics benefits from idem telematics support Fraikin as a new entrant on the German market: with seven decades of experience in Europe, the Fraikin Group has only been active here in Germany for around three years and is currently developing broad access to the market with its own sales teams and in cooperation with vehicle manufacturers.

Fraikin provides customers the opportunity to hire everything from ambulances to waste collection vehicles. The service provider specialises in these particular vehicles and offers companies and public institutions alike a comprehensive range of services, which includes brand-independent leasing of units, service and repair measures, the provision of replacement vehicles and fleet management. Since these special vehicles are partly very elaborately designed and require a great deal of investment, the rental contracts are also designed for the long term – up to 120 months.

“This means our service corresponds with the many years of use these units actually see in practice,” said Fraikin Sales Manager for Germany, Marcus Burmeister.

“Many customers are simply unaware that it is possible to rent over such a long period of time. This has been our core business for many years,” he said.

(Image: Fraikin Sales Manager for Germany, Marcus Burmeister.)

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