Flegg move big machines with Krone

Machinery mover and installation specialist, Flegg Projects, has added two Krone trailers to its UK and European freight service to manage oversized and high-value cargo.

For general work, including factory relocations, machinery removals and installations, Krone’s Profi Liner curtainsider is reportedly ideally specified – with a lifting, sliding roof and extendable, side-opening rear corner posts.

“This is all about flexible loading,” said Flegg Projects Managing Director, Jayson Flegg.

“With the Profi Liner, not only can we load through the roof but also, by hydraulically raising it 500mm, we can load large items through either side and then lower again prior to transit. In the same way, the rear corner posts hydraulically extend outwards to give us virtually 3.5m loading through the rear,” he said.

To securely hold each item of cargo in place, Flegg refers to Krone’s Multi Lock securing system which features two-tonne strapping points at 10cm intervals along each side rave.

“We use 60 straps and with so many securing options, we can secure the load at any point along the trailer,” he said. “Add to that, the steel planks with integrated load locking and the additional restraint provided by the Multi Flex chain adaptors and those loads are not going anywhere.”

According to Flegg, virtually everything the company transports is oversized, uniquely shaped, delicate and of high value – a typical load easily exceeding £1m. This, he adds, is where the attributes of the second Krone trailer also come into play.

Built for strength, security and high load-retention, the Krone Dry Liner Duoplex Steel box van is constructed from insulated galvanised steel cassette panels, including the front bulkhead, which has horizontal internal reinforcement and a 250mm fork lift protection strip. A recessed load lock system accepts universal loading beams, ideal for mixed loads, while the internal walls are reinforced with a 350mm protection strip. 

“The Dry Liners will work mostly on our medical contracts,” said Flegg. “This is where we need a combination of sound insulation, secure loading and high internal volume.”

The Dry Liner comes with flush-fit double-locking container-type rear doors and owing to its high strength Code XL-rated construction, accepts form-fitted and strapless loads within an internal height of 2,815mm.

“We’ve been in the business as an independent machinery-moving and installation specialist for over 40 years; and all this time, precision and care have underpinned the service we provide,” said Flegg. “We couldn’t maintain the high standards we do without using the best equipment and in this regard, Krone have more than met our transport needs.”

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