Schmitz Cargobull focuses on intermodal efficiency

German OEM, Schmitz Cargobull, is expanding its semi-trailer container chassis range with three gooseneck variants.

The S.CF Gooseneck 45’ Euro, S.CF Gooseneck 45’ Euro Light and S.CF Gooseneck 40’ LX are reportedly characterised by easy operation, low maintenance and high availability.

According to the OEM, the S.CF Gooseneck 45’ is a universal chassis that can transport containers ranging from 20’ to 45’ EC containers.

“The safe transport of  1×20´ in the middle or flush with the rear and 1×30´ flush with the rear is also guaranteed,” Schmitz Cargobull said in a statement.

“Through the manually operated front extension with the patented Multilock locking mechanism, it also secures tunnel containers with or without
sloping edges, as well as containers without a tunnel.

“The Klapp Lock locking mechanisms secure the front container for 2×20' loading and simply fold away when transporting tunnel containers. Two optional step locks enable seamless adjustment of the locking mechanism on the rear extension to containers with or without a tunnel.”

The S.CF Gooseneck 40’ LX is reportedly the perfect solution for transporting   x2 20’ or x1 40’ tunnel containers because the design allows the load to sit flush.

The semi-trailer container chassis S.CF Gooseneck 45´ Euro Light is the lightweight option of the new variants, and is best employed when the majority of transport operations are carried out with 40´and 45´ containers.

“The payload- and weight-optimised chassis weighs just 4,250 kilograms and allows for a higher carrying capacity,” said Schmitz Cargobull. “The chassis can be optionally equipped with adapters for carrying 40´ containers without a tunnel.”

Also, 45´ containers with a short tunnel or straight edges can be transported with a certificate of exemption.

A significant characteristic of the S.CF Gooseneck chassis, according to the OEM, is the frame throat height which is fixed at 130mm. This means that even when transporting high cube containers with a coupling height of 1,100mm, an overall height of four metres is adhered to. And due to cathodic dip coating, the chassis are extremely robust and corrosion-resistant.

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