SAF-Holland expands aftermarket repair capabilities

Equipment specialist, SAF-Holland, has launched a new thread rolling tool, enabling workshops to re-roll the grooves of damaged thread.

The tool was developed as part of a collaborative project between SAF-Holland Group and HAZET, and is suitable for all threads from 50-110mm with a pitch of 1.5mm.

“Together with our cooperation partner HAZET, we are launching the new SAF thread rolling tool,” said SAF-Holland Director Product Management/Quality Aftermarket Europe, Markus Prößler.

“It saves time and money, as it allows workshops to easily re-roll the grooves of the damaged thread. In many cases, this can prevent the installation of replacement axles,” he said.

According to SAF-Holland, the thread repair does not affect the strength of the material and is completely swarf-free.

“To repair threads between 50 and 110 mm with a pitch of 1.5 mm, workshops first evaluate the damage and then use the operating instructions to check if a repair is possible,” SAF-Holland said in a statement.

“They then place the suitable rollers into the tool and attach them securely. A suitable cleaning agent is used to remove any dirt and residue from the thread in optimum preparation for the repair. Now the tool is simply placed onto the damaged thread and tightened with a tension screw, whereby the rollers have to rest correctly against the thread flanks. The user then re-rolls the thread with simple rotating motions until the axle nut can be screwed onto the thread again by hand. As soon as the axle nut can be correctly tightened to 900 Nm and released, the thread is ready for use again.”

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