BPW axle innovation impresses agricultural community

German equipment specialist, BPW, has won a public choice award for its ‘AGRO Drive’ hydraulic drive axle, which enables 25 per cent more traction for trailers operating on wet and difficult ground conditions and helps smaller towing vehicles pull larger loads.

BPW said in a statement that due to a reduced slip of the drive wheels, the AGRO Drive system produces high torque without churning up the ground beneath.

Automatic freewheeling also reportedly enables use on roads and at higher speeds. The drive axle includes preparation for a tyre pressure control system (RDS) as standard, which optimises the contact area of the wheels for the particular ground conditions.

Rotational direction and rotational speed sensors (DDS) start working from 0 km/h and thus enable accurate calculation and metering of fertilisers or pesticides that are being applied, for example. The installation position and cable routing of all the optional sensors (RDS, DDS, ABS) has been designed to provide maximum protection and easy maintenance.

Another typical benefit for BPW is the easy servicing of the brake system. The sophisticated design of the drive axle means that maintenance and brake lining replacements can be performed without removing the hydraulic drive motor: the brake drum is simply taken out.

Having been unveiled in autumn 2017, AGRO Drive became an instant bestseller, according to BPW, and it has now been selected by the readers of the German specialist media outlets ‘Agrarheute’, ‘Agrartechnik’ and ‘traction’ to receive the public choice award in Würzburg, Germany, for ‘Innovations in agricultural technology’ in the ‘Logistics’ category.

Péter Mándli, Managing Director of BPW-Hungária, and Peter Lindner, Agricultural Sales Manager for Germany and Benelux at BPW in Wiehl, accepted the prize:

“Going on when others stop is a promise that not only holds true for our drive axle but also for our development departments. This important award proves that we have really hit the mark among farmers and contractors with the AGRO Drive,” said Lindner.

“Word is already spreading in the construction industry too about the potential of the AGRO Drive. We are receiving increasing numbers of requests to kit out construction vehicles, such as heavy-duty tippers. The versatility of the system is proving to be an advantage, for instance when it comes to the sensors or suspension.

“On request, the system can be set up without suspension or can be combined with leaf, air and hydraulic suspension. We are looking forward to presenting further pioneering innovations for vehicle manufacturers and operators at the upcoming BAUMA trade show in Munich,” he said.

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