German earthworks business invests in Kögel tippers

Ecosoil, a full-service re-developer of contaminated sites, has expanded its fleet with 17 Kögel three-axle tipper trailers with 24m³ loading volume.

The branch in Ulm acquired its first Kögel tipper trailers in 2013. These are not only still in use, but have proven to be robust and economical, according to the OEM. The new tipper trailers will be used in a large-scale project associated with the Stuttgart 21 construction site.

Ecosoil reportedly values ecology and economy, as well as sustainable land development and urban development. Two of the 17 new Kögel tipper trailers will be added to the vehicle fleet of sister company, Umweltschutz Nord.

The Kögel three-axle tipper trailers with 24m³ loading volume have reportedly impressed Ecosoil with a wide variety of innovative properties for tough, everyday practical use: For example, the chassis frame is made of high-quality steel in a lightweight construction for increased payload.

Kögel’s bonding technology with the trailer floor, made of five-millimetre-thick hardened and tempered Hardox-450 steel, and four-millimetre-thick side walls, made of high-strength S700 steel, make the tipper extremely robust and durable.

Aside from the combination selected by Ecosoil, Kögel tipper trailers are also available in various body and wall thickness combinations. The body is available in a thickness of 4, 5 or 6 millimetres and the side walls in a thickness of 3, 4 or 5 millimetres. This means that Kögel can now offer aluminium walls and tailgates for tipper trailers with 24 m³ loading volume in addition to steel walls and tailgates of various thicknesses.

Since ECOSOIL's last order, the Kögel tipper trailer has undergone a continuous improvement process. The tippers now, for instance, have an optimised wheelbase for optimum load distribution, resulting in better driving and manoeuvring properties, as well as increased stability while tipping on difficult terrain. On the ordered tipper trailers, the body overhang will be extended by 170 millimetres. An optionally attachable chute is therefore no longer necessary. This will not only save Ecosoil money, according to Kögel, but will also improve tare weight.

The locking device on the underride guard can be swung upwards to prevent soiling during tipping. The locking catches automatically retract into the rear end during unloading, protecting them from soiling. Also, this tailgate lock ensures that loose stones cannot get in the way during closing and allows the side walls to join smoothly with the rear wall gate.

In addition to an axle lift for the first axle, aluminium wheel rims and a roll-up cover with control pedestal in front of the front wall of the trailer body, Ecosoil also specified two LED reversing lights and bellows pressure gauge to monitor the axle load.

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