SAF-Holland on intelligent trailers

Equipment specialist, SAF-Holland, is poised to launch its intelligent digital system, TrailerMaster, to the global market.

The TrailerMaster, according to SAF-Holland, operates and maintains trailers, featuring real-time monitoring displays.

“With the patented functions of the TrailerMaster System, any semi-trailer can be upgraded or retrofitted to a smart trailer with numerous data-based functionalities,” SAF-Holland said in a statement.

The equipment specialist explained that the intelligent interface for line connection technology takes on a range of tasks which were previously distributed throughout different systems including: loading status and optimisation (also when unhitched); lighting functions check; patented performance data and condition evaluation of the braking system; data evaluation from tyre pressure monitoring system and EBS; and GPS data transmission for trailer tracking.

SAF-Holland said that the Maintenance Planner system is a new tool for maintenance planning with the TrailerMaster: it automatically informs fleet managers via email or text message when a trailer is due for routine service or a tyre check.

The Trailer Status Indicator is another new development from SAF-Holland which uses a traffic light system to show the status of the trailer: If the light at the front of the trailer is green, everything is OK. A yellow signal, however, warns of occurring problems, while a red light is a recommendation to stop using the trailer.

The collected data from the integrated functions of the TrailerMaster are reportedly transmitted and evaluated through the system even when the trailer is not hitched. According to SAF-Holland, this provides fleet managers with the transparency they require to save time and money and to use their fleets more efficiently.

The TrailerMaster also reportedly increases safety for drivers and other road users: Before setting out, for example, the user can check whether the trailer is in the correct condition via Bluetooth. The control for the side marker lights offers additional safety. These are configured to light up simultaneously with the lights on the truck.

“Managing large trailer fleets is a complex task and will always be a challenge,” said Axscend UK Sales Manager, Glenn Young. “Our TrailerMaster combines different systems to simplify trailer management.”

The British telematics and connectivity specialist, Axscend, developed the solution with patented functions for digital trailer management.

In summer 2018, SAF-Holland acquired the software and telematics expert, providing a boost to this development: Especially for checking the braking performance of trailers and semi-trailers as a first step, the two partners in the SAF-Holland Group combined mechanical suspension systems with the new technology.

“Axscend makes trailers intelligent and its know-how – especially in the software area – have made a crucial contribution to our progress in this field,” said SAF-Holland Manager – Digital Solutions, Nicolas Pütz.

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