China commences solid-state battery production

Start-up, Qing Tao Energy Development, is operating its first factory for solid-state batteries in Kunshan, east China.

The company aims to to sell batteries for electric vehicles by 2020.

The production line can reportedly produce 0.1 GWh of solid-state batteries per year with an energy density of over 400 Wh/kg. The annual production capacity is then expected to increase to 0.7 GWh by 2020.

Nan Cewen, a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, is heading Qing Tao. He founded the solid-state battery company in 2014 together with other graduates from Tsinghua University.

In related news, attaining environmental benefits and lower cost of ownership are driving more commercial fleets to electrify, according to a United Parcel Service (UPS) and GreenBiz study.

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