Reducing weight with BI10 wheel end design: SAF-Holland

Equipment specialist, SAF-Holland, has developed a 10-tonne axle with 120mm offset, combined with a SAF Modul air suspension system.

According to SAF-Holland, the new wheel end design is robust, lighter weight and will also be using 9-tonne axles from the SAF Intradisc plus Integral series.

“The new 10-tonne axle with 120mm offset, which SAF-Holland supplies with the SAF MODUL suspension, is based on state-of-the-art design methods and test bench trials,” SAF-Holland said in a statement.

“It exploits the advantages of a rim with offset – including a better protected position for the brake disc and lower space requirements – on vehicles with a 10-tonne axle load.

“Combined with the new BI10 axle, the suspension is suitable for all driving heights and applications with a 10-tonne axle load. For the new axle, SAF-Holland has developed a matching wheel end with the new BI10 wheel end design, which is significantly weight-optimised.”

Mark Hartmann, Head of Product Management at SAF-Holland, said the weight benefit of the new and end design – four kilograms per axle – will be transferred to the equipment specialist’s 9-tonne SAF Intradisc plus Integral series.

“This will further strengthen our position also in the standard segment,” he said – adding that there are current plans to introduce the update for the 9-tonne class Q1 2019. “The two-part brake disc of the SAF Intradisc plus Integral, which protects the material and significantly increases the life of the disc, is still unique in the trailer market. Thanks to the special design, fleets benefit from less wear and tear over longer mileage, as well as greater planning certainty, efficiency and economy.”

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