Cometto MSPE helps set new record

Italian engineering company, Fagioli, has facilitated the transportation of two huge vessels – the biggest project of its kind in the port of Marghera – according to modular axle line specialist, Cometto.

The two hydrocracking reactors with a total weight of more than 3,000 tonnes were manufactured at Italian ATB Riva Calzoni sites located in Roncadelle and Venice. From there, Fagioli moved them to the port from where they have been shipped to Nigeria. The vessels were destined for the first Nigerian private refinery of the Dangote Refining company.

Each pressure vessel, among the largest ever produced in the world for the petrochemical sector, has a weight of 1,535 tonnes and measures 60 metres in length. This, according to Cometto, set a record for the Italian port, from which no heavier shipments have ever been carried out before.

The transport project of the reactors from the plant to the sea terminal was managed by Fagioli. Due to onsite load restrictions on the ground, 72 axles of Cometto MSPE 40T were combined. In total, the self-propelled transporters with electronic steering formed two convoys of more than 60 metres in length, 8.5 metres in width and 10 metres in height each.

The Cometto MSPE is reportedly versatile and can be adapted for almost any cargo requirement, without limits of payload capacity and size, offering optimal maneuverability and efficiency.

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