Talson supports logistics specialist

Netherlands-based OEM, Talson, has delivered tree high-security Air Cargo Cooler TAG FNA trailers to Bergwerff Transport Service.

The trailers, according to the OEM, are GDP-Pharma and TAPA TSR1 certified and will bolster the transport company’s operations across Europe as well as Italy. The pharmaceutical transportation certification will ensure that that the payload is transported with utmost care.

During the delivery ceremony, Jolanda Bergwerff, Managing Director of Bergwerff Transport Service and Frank den Ouden, Account Manager of Talson Trailer, discussed their colloboration and partnership.

“As Bergwerff Transport Service, we have chosen Talson vehicles to meet our customers’ needs and to be able to make high-security air freight transportation,” said Bergwerff.

“Talson vehicles are long-term reliable vehicles. We deliver quickly through the rollerbed technology and more securely through the electronic lock system than any other of our competitors.

“Also, they’re equipped with the latest technology insulation, which keeps our transportation goods always fresh. This makes Talson the best solution partner for us to do what we promise. I am sure that our partnership will continue to gain power in the days to come.”

“As Europe’s market leader air cargo semi-trailer manufacturer, we are fulfilling diverse customer demands within sophisticated logistical solutions for sensitive goods, such as flower transportation and transportation of pharmaceutical goods and we strive to provide the best product and services to our customers,” said Ouden.

“As a result of this approach, this year we have taken the third place at Trailer Innovation 2019 ‘Concept’ category with our innovation, Talson Secure Box. Our TAG FNA vehicles that we delivered to Bergwerff Transport Service is equipped with advanced security features and is fitted with electronic locks of our customers choice.

“We are looking forward to building on our partnership with Bergwerff with our dedicated sales and after-sales teams and our high quality cutting technology equipped vehicles.”

The Talson Air Cargo Cooler TAG FNA features rollerbeds that are integrated into the vehicle floors to facilitate quick loading and unloading while the Auto Down Safety rollers “disappear” into the floor automatically while the vehicle is being driven.

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