Knapen Trailers introduces Extreme model

Netherlands-based moving floor trailer manufacturer, Knapen Trailers, is introducing a safe alternative to the large volume scrap tipper with a new design called Extreme.

According to the OEM, the new moving floor trailer is made of exceptionally wear-resistant steel for transporting heavily abrasive materials such as scrap, debris and bulk waste including car wrecks, electric motors and engine blocks.

Knapen Trailer’s Extreme reportedly features a self-supporting chassis made from high-strength steel and has a large cargo capacity while being lighter compared to alternatives in the market.

The Extreme has been designed with steel rear doors and has no rear upper beam, ensuring that it is possible to load heavy materials via the rear. Instead of a protection plate, Knapen Trailers has integrated a retractable rear light plate which can be operated via remote control.

Depending on the cargo, the Extreme can be configured with different types of heavy-duty moving floors including Keith V9, Keith V18 and the new Cargo Floor Flat Steel X Floor. A prototype of the Flat Steel X Floor was on show at the 2018 IAA Commercial Vehicles Show in Hanover.

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