JOST talks sustainability, innovation at IAA

Equipment specialist, JOST, is exhibiting a comprehensive suite of innovative products and sustainable solutions at the IAA Commercial Vehicles Show in Hanover.

Part of the DCA series, the JOST DCA-T7 features twin tappet technology and original parts, which according to JOST, will ensure that the disc brake will always record short braking distances as well as guarantee continuous performance.

The DCA AIRMASTER is an axle and compressed air reservoir combined, now also available with a tyre inflation system.

“With its DCA AIRMASTER, JOST will present a unique axle where the axle beam also simultaneously functions as a compressed air reservoir for both the brake system and air suspension,” JOST said in a statement. “The compressed air reservoir has a capacity of 40 litres per axle, enabling the DCA AIRMASTER to replace the usual compressed air chambers on a semi-trailer. This results in weight savings of up to 50kg, as well as freeing up the assembly space below the trailer, thus laying the cornerstone for the creation of entirely new vehicle concepts with innovative frame and assembly constructions. As for all DCA series axles, the DCA AIRMASTER can be used in all common vehicle types. This version is also available with a brake pad wear indicator.”

At IAA, JOST will also present the DCA STEERMASTER trailer steering axle, which can be perfectly combined with all other DCA axles. The DCA STEERMASTER enables a steering angle of 21 degrees and has further improved the trailer steering, even in tight curves. The steering axle also reduces tyre wear and lowers the prime mover’s fuel consumption.

One of JOST’s innovations at this year's IAA is the JOST Plug & Play solution for tyre inflation systems. According to the equipment specialist, tyre inflation systems clearly increase the lifetime of tyres, while optimised tyre pressures reduce tyre wear and fuel consumption. “A tyre inflation system on a semi-trailer or trailer continuously controls the tyre pressures on all axles and readjusts them automatically if the pressure is too low. The system constantly ensures optimal tyre pres-sures and thus reduces the risks of breakdowns and accidents, as well as unplanned visits to the garage. The easy-to-assemble JOST Plug & Play solution for tyre inflation systems guarantees a fast installation with no ad-ditional conversion effort for all common trailer types and is compatible with all common control systems.”

The DCA AIRMASTER with integrated compressed air reservoir is also available with the Plug & Play solution for tyre inflation systems. The construction design of two separate air circuits results in the unique function of being able to store pressurised air for both the brake system and the air suspension in the axle beam, while at the same time benefiting from the advantages of a tyre inflation system.

JOST will also present the optimised axle lift for the DCA series: the JOST Twin Lift. This product lifts all rigid axles from the DCA series safely and reliably, resulting in reduced tyre wear and optimal load distribution. The main focus during development of the JOST Twin Lift was on functionality and weight optimisation, which has led to a 10 percent weight reduction of 2.8kg per axle compared to other axle lifts.

JOST also changed the interface between axle and lift which has resulted in a reduction of installation effort of up to 70 per cent. As for all JOST axles and components, only proven materials were used to meet the highest quality standards. JOST said it guarantees a reliable spare parts supply throughout the entire product life cycle, as well as backwards compatibility for all rigid axles from the DCA series. The weight-optimised JOST Twin Lift is avail-able in series production and as a retrofit solution.

Meanwhile, Rockinger continues to offer commercial vehicle operators a variety of towing hitches for various applications.

According to JOST, the tried-and-tested RO*50E towing hitch is char-acterised by its robust, low-maintenance design and its simple and safe operation. The RO*50E employs the original Rockinger release lever principle, meaning gentle coupling is possible even at difficult drawbar eye angles. The hitch does not close until the drawbar eye is fully retracted in the funnel. The Rockinger release lever principle prevents incorrect coupling caused by the locking process being triggered too early or by jerky coupling, as is necessary when using a standard pin lifting system.

All Rockinger towing hitches can be retrofitted with a wide variety of options for remote displays and remote controls. Rockinger is displaying the RO*50E as a sensor coupling, equipped with a remote display and pivoting angle warning display. The second generation of the 'Piff Paff' pneumatic remote operation is also new. It is controlled via the DUOMATIC connection to the truck’s brake hose. The opening procedure is easy and safe, as the air supply is only available when the trailer brake line is not con-nected to the tractor and the trailer is securely braked via the spring-loaded cylin-der. The driver can now safely decouple a truck and rigid drawbar trailer combi-nation, even if it is under load. Rockinger will also showcase a camera which has undergone further development since the last IAA trade fair. It acts as a driver’s third eye and is integrated in a central position in the bumper guard. The driver is able to see the exact position of the drawbar eye and can engage the coupling in a targeted manner and without any visual misalignment. These features are all incorporated in a Rockinger drawbar bracket.

The hitch is also equipped with the LubeTronic AK lubrication system, which au-tomatically supplies it with oil in order to keep the grease in the hitch lithe. Once activated, a lubrication cartridge lasts for up to 18 months.

An additional highlight presented by Rockinger at IAA is the unique RO*430 comfort coupling. This towing hitch for 40-millimetre drawbar eyes is not only slack-free, it is also equipped with rubber suspension and hydraulic shock absorption, which ensure that possible impact stress between the truck and trailer is absorbed by the coupling. The RO*430 thus ensures highest driving comfort with minimal wear and tear. The exhibited coupling is also equipped with an electro-pneumatic remote control for the driver’s cabin. This version is used in new buses in particular, as the public transport service pro-viders in Munich have already proven.

Rockinger claims to be the only manufacturer to offer the comfort coupling in a 50mm version.

The RO*40CH, a strong Swiss towing hitch with proven ROCKINGER release lever technology, will also be showcased at the IAA. With its ECE approval, the coupling is suitable for Swiss 40 mm drawbar eyes (CH and DIN) and 50 mm drawbar eyes (DIN). The rotating bolt is triggered safely and accurately, even on different drawbar eyes. This results in simple and problem-free hitching and re-leasing, even at difficult drawbar eye angles. In addition, this coupling can be equipped with different remote controls and displays.

JOST is also exhibiting a length-adjustable drawbar from the tried-and-tested GZL series. The drawbar eye installed here complies with the BNA standard, which is suitable for the French market.

On the steering system front, TRIDEC's electronic EF-S uses sensor data which compares the angle between the truck and the trailer with the steered axle's wheel angle. The axle steering cylinders now come equipped with a fully integrated sensor, which according to TRIDEC, simplifies the system's installation and long-term reliablity.

JOST will showcase autonomous docking onsite at IAA using a demonstration truck-trailer combination equipped with JOST's smart, automated KKS connection system, which is also integrated with EF-S electronic steering system. The trailer is also equipped with JOST's new in-line kingpin steered axles.

TRIDEC’s evergreen product, the LV-O for double deck trailers which enables highly sustainable distribution transport, will also be on display. The independent wheel suspension puts the space surrounding the wheels to good use, while the combination with a second loading deck results in a loading capacity increase of 60 per cent.

Hydraulic specialist, Edbro, is showcasing its CD range of cylinders, which are designed to optimise the performance of ejection trailers.

The CD cylinder range is an all-new design of double-acting, telescopic cylinders, and can push and pull using hydraulic power. The design borrows core technology from Edbro's C-series tipping cylinders.

With strokes of up to 11.5 metres, push forces reportedly reach 80 tonnes and corrosion-resistant chrome plating as standard, the CD range, according to JOST, is certain to meet the requirements of almost any application.

“The primary application of the CD range will be to push and pull the blade of an ejection trailer or refuse collection vehicle,” said Edbro Sales and Marketing Director, Peter Smith. “However, they will be suited to any number of specialist applications in which loads must be pushed and pulled. As with all Edbro products, we’ve built the CD range to become the industry standard in terms of strength, quality and reliability.”

JOST has also developed a completely biodegradable high-performance lubricant for its fifth wheel couplings.

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