JOST develops eco-friendy grease

Equipment specialist, JOST, has developed a completely biodegradable high-performance lubricant for its fifth wheel couplings.

Under normal operating conditions, a fifth wheel coupling requires about 10 kilo-grams of lubricating grease per year, according to JOST. A substantial portion of this amount reportedly ends up on the road and not only contaminates the environment, but also endangers road safety.

With the development of minimal lubrication with LubeTronic, JOST already succeeded in reducing the amount of grease needed to about 1.6 kilograms per year.

JOST is taking the next step by introducing a grease that is biodegradable in accordance with the OECD 301 B biodegradation test. JOST said that the lubricant exceeded the demands of the test and was rated 'readily biodegradable'.

“The lubricant is ideally formulated for use in combination with LubeTronic and is impressive from more than just an eco-friendly perspective,” JOST said in a statement. “JOST will offer its organic grease at the same price as its commonly used grease. Thus, all JOST customers will be able to switch to the organic grease without incurring additional costs, thereby contributing to preserving the environment.”

Lars Brorsen, Chairman of the Executive Board of the JOST, is excited by the new biodegradable, high-performance lubricant. “As our corporate group expands with sites around the world, so does our responsibility for the envi-ronment. Our products play an important part in reducing the ecological footprint left in the areas we specialise in and by the commercial vehicle industry in gen-eral. The development of the fully biodegradable organic grease means that JOST has taken an important step in the right direction.”

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